About Me

“Don’t you know who I think I am?” – The Libertines

I’m the third of four kids – older brother, older sister and younger brother. I grew up in Lucan, a fairly non-descript suburb to the west of Dublin in Ireland. I now live in San Francisco. I moved here for love but I don’t wear flowers in my hair. Ever.

"put some wax on the trax and let's slide on outta here" - yes, let's.

I love music. My first record was a 7″ single of four Disney movie tunes. I got my first proper record Ant Rap by Adam and the Ants when I was 9. I bought it in a petrol station one night on the way home from my Granny’s. I’m 37 now and in the intervening years I’ve amassed about 2000 lps and cds. My tastes are pretty broad but I’m mostly into rock, metal and alternative music.

My first gig was U2 in July ’87 on their Joshua Tree tour. I’ve seen several hundred gigs since. In the past month (April 2010) I’ve seen Faith No More (twice), Public Image Ltd, and the second best band from Leeds, The Wedding Present.

Thanks for visiting the blog.

Paul Brennan



  1. Hey Paul,
    Keep up the good work …I just saw the stooges with suicide last night and tonight I am going to see the stooges w/ suicide !! there is only one thing better than seeing the stooges and thats seeing em twice ! anyway hopefully meeting up with Watt and Steve Mackay later will let ya know J. Williamson was fantastic anywho alls good in merry old england love to Jen + am enjoying yr Blog
    all best, Willy

  2. Hey Paul,

    Well written!


  3. Nice work Paul!
    Don’t make videos like that anymore!
    My first record was Adam and the Ants as well – “Prince Charming”. Put tippex across my nose at the first party I went to after I saw the video. Not a good idea………
    Keep it up and don’t forget to mention the tight jeans and doing a ton down the dualer!

  4. I think we’ve had this conversation already but Adam Ant was my first record too (and Blondie, both bought with communion money). Saw Adam in the Scala on Friday, really excellent show…. until he decided to read an excerpt from Lemmy’s autobiography for an encore, which didn’t go down too well with the crowd who just wanted another song. He’s looking AMAZING – check out my facebook friend Jenny Drag, there’s a picture of her with him after the gig.

    • I remember in school it was expected that you could only be into Adam Ant or Madness. Not both. Debbie Harry was my first love.

  5. Nice work Paul!

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