Mastodon/High On Fire+

5/8/2010 – Fox Theater, Oakland

Me, Jen, Phil and Lea. The Fox is a great looking venue, well worth checking out if you get the chance.

The whole thing started at 4pm, we got there at 4:45 just in time to see Black Cobra. We had tickets for the floor – the sound wasn’t great. The vocals sounded like they were coming from the bottom of a well. We sneaked up to the balcony for Valiant Thor, some good riffs but were mostly awful. The singer was pretty funny. The sound was much better upstairs.

Priestess were good but Baroness were better. I’d heard the Red album and thought it sounded overproduced. I’m told the Blue one is their best.

This was the last night of the tour and local heroes High On Fire blasted everyone away. The stuff off the new album, Snakes For The Divine, came across really well. Didn’t watch Between The Buried And Me – we went out to the main bar for some food. All they had left was $8 Caesar salad and $2 cookies – very metal.

"I am ironman, ner, ner, ner ner ner"

Finally Mastodon came on. Dunno if it was a combo of alcohol, tiredness or High On Fire’s awesomeness but Mastodon seemed really tame. I guess they are kind of self important (they have a keyboard player now) and have become boring. I suppose I’m just over them and judging by what other people were saying afterwards, I’m not the only one.

As a bonus I picked up Black Cobra’s latest, Chronomega, on bright yellow vinyl. All in a good night/days work.

Check out the slideshow below. Despite my best efforts they are not in the correct order.

Credit for the shitty quality goes to our good friends at Apple.

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  1. That’s too bad to hear that Mastodon didn’t have it. I’ve wanted to see them live for a while. Their new album is probably my least favourite but all of the records up to that point are fantastic.

  2. I saw them a few years back in Slims – great show, everyone loved them. I think their recorded work is great but they are just not as compelling in concert as the likes of High On Fire.

  3. I saw Mastodon open for High on Fire years ago when Remission came out. They were awesome. Still not as good as HOF. HOF continues to impress me no matter how many times I see them. Too bad Valient Thor was bad. I’m headed out to see Mastodon, Between the Buried and Me, Baroness, and Valient Thorr next week. Really I am just out to see Baroness. I saw them back in 2006 just before Red Album came out and they blew me away. I haven’t cared for anything that Mastodon put out since Leviathan, so I may not even stay for the whole set. I was looking forward to seeing Valient Thorr though, they sound like good cheesy thrash on recordings. Between the Buried and Me, I’ll check out because I am there, otherwise I could care less.

    • Don’t let me put you off watching Mastodon, I love Leviathan and the stuff that came before too. I’m still gonna check out Valiant Thor. They have some good riffs in there but they just come across as a joke band.

  4. Nice work man! Gutted this tour didn’t come to the UK, the times I’ve seen Baroness and Mastodon (on the Crack the Skye tour most recently), they’ve been nothing but mind blowing!

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