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In Between Days


The Cure – Standing On A Beach


Brian was in my class in primary and when we moved to the secondary school, Coláiste Phádraig, up the hill we were the only faces each other recognized so we stuck together. He introduced me to his neighbor Evin from the classroom next door. As it turned out we all lived a few streets away from each other in the Hillcrest housing estate.

After school and on the weekends we’d hangout and occasionally sneak booze from Ev’s parents drink cabinet. Sometimes we’d get Ev who was already pushing 6ft to get us cans from the offie (off-license). Top of the shopping list was Ritz Cider. Considered a drink for the ladies, it’s strength and therefore particular ability to inebriate earned it the nick name the leg-opener.

We spent a lot of time hanging out at Ev’s. He was the youngest of four. His older brothers and sister had a bunch of lps and singles that we’d stick on their rickety old record player. Thin Lizzy, Depeche Mode, Queen and Madness were staples.

At some point Ev’s brother Fergal picked up The Cure’s singles collection Standing On A Beach. I’d heard them before, The Lovecats was a pretty big hit a few years previous but this swept me up. At a time when the last thing awkward teenagers want is to stick out from the crowd, saying you liked The Cure allowed you to express your singular identity in the safety of large groups of similarly black-clad, pale-faced individuals.

Ev would disagree, but I never went in for the whole Curehead look, though I did grow my hair long at the front like everyone else. No one understood me, or so I thought. In actual fact everyone but me realized I was a mopey faced teenager with a ridiculous haircut.

"No one understands me" - apparently.

However, the importance of Standing On A Beach in my musical development cannot be overstated. It tapped into a desire for something different, an alternative to the pop and rock shite of top 40 radio. Side A featured dark and edgy material like Killing An Arab and A Forest. Flip over to Side B and there’s the poppy psychedelia of The Caterpillar and the sheer exhilaration of In Between Days.

All in a terrific lp of groundbreaking original songs. Highly recommended and their videos were always cool too, check out Boys Don’t Cry below.


Artist: The Cure

Album: Standing On A Beach

Label: Fiction

Released: 1986

Recommended Tracks: A Forest, Boys Don’t Cry, Close To Me.